June 11th, 2011. Two days after my father passed, I was in Durango, Colorado, settling his affairs. It was then I discovered Gleb was working on a book of his fashion photography. He and my stepmother Wally had scanned and restored over 300 pages of Harper’s Bazaar tear sheets to recreate the archives he had so typically either destroyed or lost over the years. It was apparent that Gleb had found a new perspective on his former career and wanted the world to see his work.

In the process of sorting through Gleb’s belongings, I was shocked and saddened to realize that many of his high-resolution scans and restorations were nowhere to be found.  Negatives were buried under hundreds of prints in his tiny darkroom, but by no means was it a comprehensive collection.

Being as obstinate as every Derujinsky who has come before me, I determined to pick up the pieces and start from scratch with 326 low-resolution thumbnail images that Gleb had already gathered. The notes on the undated thumbnails were not helpful. And I only had a few issues of Harper’s Bazaar to use as references.  But from there my search would begin, and a huge amount of time and expense would follow.

Finding Gleb’s photos in over twenty years of Harper’s Bazaar magazines has been a challenge.  Each vintage issue costs upwards of fifty dollars, and some yield only a mere four to ten pages of his work.  But throughout this expedition, I have met many extraordinary, supportive and generous people.  With their help, I now have accumulated about 160 fantastic images which are in the process of restoration.

There are still many relevant photos to be discovered, and a few treasures in the thumbnails continue to be elusive.  Unfortunately Harper’s Bazaar, unlike Vogue, does not have an archive.  That would have been too easy!  But life is not easy, and neither is pursuing a dream.  I enjoy sharing this ongoing, incredible journey in my book DERUJINSKY . . .

Please take note many of the images here on the website are derived from Gleb's thumbnails and do not reflect the high quality images being restored for the book. Out side of the 10 covers shown the images here are those many unfound images that insist on taunting me. What I will tell you is there are hundreds of images that I have found from Negatives restored by Mark Vieria and Tear Sheets restored by Jessica Hastings. I look forward to sharing those images with notes including Fabulous designers like DIOR, Lanvin, Chanel, Balenciaga, along with an extreme collection of American designers. Locations from every corner of the earth stretching from NYC, Turkey, Paris, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Hawaii, Spain and others. You will begin to see Places, Fashion and the Women who modeled in a whole new light. Gleb's POV will strike you over and over again.  

~Andrea Derujinsky